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Khalid saleem lyrics

This blog focuses on the study of Mr Khalid Saleem S/o Dr Saleem Wahid Saleem’s life, pure [electrical switching system] evolved by him using Boolean Algebra and printed circuit board in 1989. Top Indian scientist declared him extra-ordinary in ISRO. In around 1970, he developed many models with it such as electrical chess, token system. Designed the digital block with LEDs Arabic Numbers (As written in Arabic style). Besides display, these numbers have its own system which is not the conventional electronic mesh array. This blog also deals with his poetry, lyrics, 786 rupee collection and other collections such as old coins of India and abroad. 

                                                                    Mr.khalid saleem

         List of  Khalid saleem urdu/Hindi songs

      1.   Geet - khushiyon ka aakar hoon tum

      2.   Geet- Kehne wali baato ko karne ka aaya waqt

      3.   Geet- Aas hain aankho mein aas hain

      4.   Geet- Raat khamosh kya fiza chup hai

      5.   Geet- Larki Raat rangeen hai mastana
                       Larka Haar pal hai suhana

               6.      Ghazal numa geet- Naram nazuk haseen

                    7.      Geet- Khatam hoti gayi sari majburian

                     8.      Geet- Suna ke chain se kud bhi na reh sakenge kabhi

                      9.      Geet- Diwar oo daar se sar ko takraye tau bhi kehna

                 10..    Geet- Jaab jante hoon tum se hai pyar dil nashi

                11..   Geet- Ulfat ke do baul bare anmol ke jis par zinda hu

                 12.   Geet- Phal rahi hai raat ki bahe simat rahi hai sham

              13.  Geet- Nagmo me zindagi ho jab jindaji me ho nagme

              14.  Geet- Jau ja chuka hai laut ke wapis na aayega

              15.  Geet- Choti si ek baat ke jis din raat ke jiska charcha tha

              16.  Geet- Hai tera ye rang ye roop

              17.  Geet- Tum bin mushkil me hai jaan

              18.  Geet- Bakwas gana

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Khalid Saleem S/o Dr Saleem wahid saleem poerty recital best couplets

 Dr Khalifa Abdul[8], the younger brother of Abdul Wahid Dar who was grandfather of Khalid Saleem, obtained degrees of M.A.,L.L.B., Ph.D.  from Germany in year 1924. He was an authority on Allama Iqbal & Mirza Ghalib and a colleague of Sarvpalli Dr. Radha Krishnan, former  President Of India whereas Khalid Saleem’s father Dr Saleem Wahid Saleem[10] was poet par excellence.  Ph.D. has been granted by a  renowned university to a lady who research his literary work. Khalid Saleem was electricals engineer born in Aligarh and get educated there.  Khalid Saleem visited many countries in Europe and did job in Saudi Arabia for many years. He was always after novelty in Urdu poetry and  composed some marvellous Ghazals, which published in periodicals and magazines such as Hamara Adab, Insha Culcullta, Shane Shahajahpur  etc. Appeared occasionally on radio and TV. Took part in Mushayaras conducted in such as BHEL, Mullah Ramuzi Sanskiriti Bhawan, Doordarshan Kendra etc....
Mushaira held at BHEL 30-11-2006. He started taking part in Mushayaras from the one held at Mullah Ramuzi Sanskiriti Bhawan where,  Imtiyaz Anjum recited his ghazals and HariB read out a story “Talwar” followed by another story “Nazara”  which depicted a desperate to kill his  life. The programme was presided over by Dr Bashir Badar.

 (Left to right) Khalid Saleem, Imtiyaz Anjum, Bashir Badar and Hari Bhatnagar

 A Mushaira at held by BHEL on 24th April 2006 to celebrate golden jubilee of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. It a was held there on Monday  at Govindpura-based Anwar-ul-Uloom School. The Mushaira was presided over by the poet Rahbar Jaunpuri while BHEL Deupty General  Manager Buniyad Ali was chief guest. Rafiq Shaoor conducted the programme. At the outset Rahbar Jaunpuri, Imtiyaz Anjum and Ms Mumtaz  Siddiqui were honoured for their life-long services for the cause of Urdu language and literature.
Later, about 28 poets recited verses at the Mushaira . They included Rahbar Jaunpuri, Imtiyaz Anjum, Khalid Saleem, Arman Akbarabadi,  Bashar Sahbai, Tajuddin Taj, Ms Mumtaz Siddiqui, Usha Bhadoriya, Almana Naarayan, Ramesh Khare Jauhar, Iqbal Bedar and Umesh Nema.
 Khalid saleem during reciting his kalam

 On the conclusion of the Mushaira, organizing general secretary Asif Azmi threw light on the activities of his institution while propaganda  secretary PS Parashar proposed a vote of thanks. The Mushaira continued till late night. Those who laboured to make the Mushira successful  included SU Shekh, JM Shirazi, SS Bedi, PK Nema and Maqsood Ali.
 The Mushaira 
 Best couplet 1:                                                                                                                             
 Haar taraf se ho chuke sarfe nazar baithe raho                                                          
 Alim o fazil ho lekin apne ghar baithe raho.                                                             
 Best couplet 2:                                                                                                                              
 Ahad hai tu, akelon se hi teri dosti hogi                                                                    
 mera bhi kaun hai duniya mein ek tere siwa Allah.                                                       
 Best couplet 3:
 Mai nay gham hi gham dekhe hai kale pile nile gham
 Gham hi nahi khushiya bhi payi yeni kuch chamkila gham.
 Best couplet 4:
 Kisi ke doob jane par baje shanaiyan tauba
 Ke hai un jheel si aankho mein kya gheraiya tauba.
 Best couplet 5:
 Meri mehnat ka sila kuch bhi nahi..............aap mujhko denge kya kuch bhi nahi
 Phekre joro zafa ka thag dimag.................usme hai kitni wafa kuch bhi nahi
 Best couplet 6:
 Jo bhi hai dimag ke andar nikal do
 Din ho gai hai mal ko bhar nikal do
 Best couplet 7:
 Jab bhi  jhachi toh ye khari nikli ......baat karwi vazan bhari nikli
 Zindagi mein tha khalfishaar sabab......asal mein zehni abtari nikli
 Best couplet 8:
 Gir raha hoon sambhal raha hu mein........... apni hamrah chal raha hu mein
 Mein hoon tarik roshni ki tarah....................bekhabar hokar jal raha hoon mein
 Best couplet 9:
 Zinda kabristan le jayenge
 tujhse teri qabar bhi khudwainge
 Best couplet 10:
 Din yaad na tarik na hai saal kha yaad 
 kuch hai tau faqat tujhse bicharne ka sama yaad  
 Best couplet 11:
 Jo hamari saf se nikla vha udhar hota gaya
 Har bahadur aur bhi zyada nidar hota gaya

Khalid Saleem S/o Dr Saleem Wahid Saleem a Born Thinker, Philosopher and Scientist

 Author Profile 
 Khalid Saleem S/o Dr Saleem wahid saleem a born thinker, philosopher and scientist Born in 1947 at Aligarh. Died on July 23 july, 2010.  Done courses & tanning in modern electronics and electrical engineering from Denmark, Germany etc. Got special tanning from Stromberg  AGE, Finland, pertaining to their Alternators & DG Sets other that Went to U.K. and Denmark regarding the training of speed regulation of 3  phase induction motor frequency (Cycle) converters, involving computer programming. Having experience of job in European and Middle East  company regards such as Germany, Denmark, U.k., Saudi Arab etc. ALHAMDULLILAH he has developed a unique model which was  designed, developed and made personally by him. pure [electrical switching system] evolved by him with the use of Boolean algebra and  Printed circuit board in 1989 top most Indian scientist declare him extra-ordinary in ISRO around 1970  made many models with it such  as electrical chess, token system. send the letter to his Highness The Ambassador to India Govt of Saudi Arab in 1991 and is put before his  Majesty the king of Saudi arab, Al khadimul haramain sharifain the well wisher & the representative of UMMATUAL MUSLIMEEN as  this model is to loud there is nothing to be worshipped other than Almighty Allah. Grandson of abdul wahid elder brother of Dr Khalifa abdul  hakim done (M.A.,L.L.B.,Ph.D. from Germany year 1924) Authority upon Allama Iqbal & Mirza ghalib Colleague of Servpalli Dr.Radha  Krishnan former president of India and Dr saleem wahid saleem poet par excellence Ph.D. has been granted by a reknown University to  Tabenda Batool worked upon his literary work.khalid saleem is son of Dr Saleem wahid saleem. Khalid saleem is electronic engineer. Gets his  ghazals published in periodicals and magazines such as hamara adab, insha culcullta, shane shajapur etc. Appears occasionally on radio and  TV. Takes part in Mushayaras conducted in such as BHEL, Mullah Rammuji Sanskiriti bhawan, Doordarshan Kendra etc... .The collection of  Khalid saleem it is also a good method by which saving can be done when the unique number note or coin came in front of him he always keep  example a note of number  555555 it is unique in itself he have collected enamours coins not only of India but also of foreign countries and also  collected Rs786 collection

Went to U.K. and Denmark regarding training of speed regulation of 3-phase induction
 motor frequency (Cycle) converters, involving computer programming
                                     Switching Circuit chess model invented by Mr. Khalid Saleem

                                                         Coin collection 1 ana to 2 rupees

                                                                Coin 1 ana to 5 rupees
                                                                    Coins of abroad                                                                                                                          
  Rs786 collection     

Rs 786 collection update 

Mr. Khalid Saleem son's from right Abdullah, Abdulrehman, Abdulrahim
Mr. Khalid Saleem son Abdullah Dar B.E., Computer science
Abdullah Dar Co-Author of Book Mr. Khalid Saleem Dar-Biography

 Done Dip. In Elect. Engg(with) Electronics in 1968  from ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY after that he move to allahbad and from there  in 1969 from INDIAN RADIO INSTT. ALLAHBAD completed diploma. In 1970 done clear paper in subject of drawing from Associate  Member of Institt of Electrical Engineering equivalent to B.E. after that he move to bhopal and continue his study taken twice Dip in  computer application in 1999 from I.G.M BHOPAL REGISTERED By Govt. Of India and from SUNGRACE COMPUTER ACADEMY  BHOPAL. In between in the duration of his life he done job in many countries and taken equivalent from COLGATE UNIVERSITY  U.S.
Konowledge of languages: Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Punjabi, English can read write and speak fluently.

Popularly known for: His poetry, switching circuit chess, Rs786 collection, collection of coin India and Abroad.